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Admission Forms & Resources

Dear Parent,

Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah,

Thank you for your interest in the Islamic Academy of Burlington County.  IABC is currently offering a PreK-12th College Preparatory program designed for families that are interested in the Tarbiya of their children in a very traditional Islamic Environment along with providing them with a very strong academic foundation for higher education.

The program that we currently have in place is designed for highly motivated students/parents. The Common Core Curriculum subjects (Language Arts and Math) along with Science, Social Studies, etc are taught on an honors track. All students by the 6th grade are taking honors classes as we do not have the personnel to handle multiple tracks for remedial learners or students with special education needs. In addition to the required Common Core Curriculum subjects students are expected to:

  • Memorize Portions of the Quran (Abridged Tahfeez Program-Approx. 5 Juz over 8 years)
  • Study/Master Fusha (Quranic) Arabic (over 8 years) to be able to comprehend the Quran
  • Study/Master the rules of Tajweed to properly recite the Quran
  • Study Seerah/History of Islam/Stories of Sahaba etc

All of the above translates into an extraordinary amount of homework and workload outside of school. This requires a highly motivated student and parents to encourage them on a regular basis in order to keep up with the requirements. The purpose of this information is to prepare a prospective family to the expectations at IABC.

The basis of admission is as follows:

  • Past performance from previous schooling including Standardized Testing results
  • Previous study of the Quran/Arabic (particularly for transfer students in 2nd grade & above)
  • IABC Basic Skills Testing (Entrance Exam, includes LA, Math & Arabic components)
  • Parent/Child Interview (upon successful completion of IABC Basic Skills Testing)

Our facility is a modest facility built for our needs. It includes the two Mussallahs (Brothers/Sisters) and currently 18 total classrooms. IABC is both a masjid and an Islamic School. We have recently built an extension of our building.

To begin the process of your application, please submit the following documents via mail or email at your earliest convenience:

  • IABC Enrollment Form (for each individual applicant)
  • Parents Questionnaire (one per family)
  • Application Fee (Zelle to admin@islamicabc.com—include applicant name in memo)

Please do not hesitate to ask any follow-up questions that you may have.

May Allah SWT reward you for your desire to provide your children with the proper Tarbiya & Islamic Education.